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Revenue and Conversion Tracking

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Test Conversions are Not Recorded in the Platform

What is the issue?

When using the Platform Tracking Pixel, you may choose to carry out a test conversion to confirm that conversion reporting is working correctly within the Platform. However, after carrying out the conversion-triggering action, you may not see the conversion recorded as expected.

What causes the issue?

There are a number of potential reasons that your test conversion was not recorded properly. 

Is your tracking pixel working correctly?
You should double-check the conversion code on your site to ensure that the tracking pixel is implemented properly. If the code is incorrect on any of your pages, you may find that conversions are not recorded.

Did you click on a paid search ad?
Ensure that your test conversion was sourced via a paid search click and not an organic search. If the initial click did not come through PPC, the conversion may not be recorded correctly.

Is your tracking pixel working correctly?
Compare the confirmation page code pixel implemented on the confirmation page (page where conversion is performed) to the confirmation page code pixel provided from within the application in Admin > Revenue > Revenue Tracking > Tracking Set Up Page.

Note: Ensure that the @ORDER-ID@ placeholder variable has been replaced with a siteside variable representing order id within this pixel code.

How to fix the issue

If none of the potential causes listed above are the explanation for your unrecorded conversion, or don't explain its apparent absence, please contact our Support Services department who will be happy to help diagnose the problem.

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