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Revenue and Conversion Tracking

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SiteCatalyst Implementation Checklist


Here are the prerequisite checks for SiteCatalyst implementation:

Tracking is not intended for user engagement metrics such as pageviews, sales funnel, video views, and other non-transactional based conversion events.

The client must have the ability to make changes to the site catalyst master JS file.

The customer may need to provide Marin Software access to their Site Catalyst profile.

The customer may have to set up a new Evar to pass the Marin keyword level tracking information into Marin Software.

Client must be willing to edit keyword and creative URLs for all search accounts.

Adobe Site Catalyst Marin Features

Functionality SiteCatalyst
Search Query Report (available from Google) Y
Raw Search Query Reporting  
URL Builder Y
URL Auto Correct Y
Date of Click Reporting  
Date of Sale Reporting Y
Compatible with Call Tracking Vendors Y
Changes to destination URLs Y
Supports Multiple Conversion Types Y
Changes to Landing Pages  
Changes to Thank-you Pages  
Changes to Master JS Code Y
Upload by Order ID  
Product Feed Automation Y
Attribution Modelling  
Creative Level Tracking Y
Creative Testing Y
Placement Level Tracking Y
Keyword Expansion - Cross Publisher Y
Ad Scheduling Reccomendation  


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