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Dynamic Keyword Insertion Using the {KeyWord} Parameter


Much like Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising supports the ability to insert the keywords that users have searched for dynamically by using its {KeyWord} parameter in ad Headlines and Descriptions.

The parameter will format the inserted keyword based on the format of the parameter itself, as explained below.

How to Use the {KeyWord} Parameter

You can use the {KeyWord} parameter within your creative copy in either the Headline or the Description. The way you style the parameter will affect how the resulting keyword is displayed at serving time. This means that no matter how a user types the keyword, it will appear in your ad as below.

The following table provides examples of the ways in which you can use the {KeyWord} parameter. It shows the effect of the formatting of the parameter when inserted into the ad copy Order {KeyWord} today. In this example, the keyword used is "fresh fruit." 

Format of parameter

Resulting ad copy


Order Fresh Fruit today


Order fresh fruit today


Order Fresh fruit today


Order fresh FRUIT today


Order FRESH fruit today


Order Fresh Fruit today

Additional Information

This parameter supports default text in the following format: {KeyWord:default text}. This text will be used in the following two scenarios:

  1. If the search query would cause the ad to exceed the character limit or violate editorial guidelines.
  2. A keyword is not dynamically inserted.
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