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Microsoft Advertising Work vs. Personal Authentication


Microsoft Advertising recently introduced a feature that allows users to set additional account authentication for a work account or a personal account. Work accounts and personal accounts are unrelated to the email domain and are simply an authentication setting option in Microsoft Ads.

In this article, we'll explore the impact this feature has on linking and syncing Microsoft accounts into MarinOne and Marin Search.

Marin Support

Marin does not yet support Microsoft's work accounts. 

To ensure your Microsoft Advertising accounts remain synced with Marin, you should keep your users set to personal access until the work option is supported at a future date. 

How to Update This Setting

If you encounter a sync error in Marin Search or MarinOne related to your Microsoft account(s) in which re-verification is unsuccessful, you can follow one or both of the steps below to resolve this. 


  • Ensure that the user you plan to use for linking your account is signed in with a personal account. You can check this setting from the Users page in Microsoft Advertising under User Management. If the user is set to a work account, you will either need to use a different user or contact Microsoft support to update this user to be a personal account. 
  • You may also want to check that the overall requirement to set new users to a work account is toggled to Off to ensure newly created users are set to a personal account by default. You can check this setting from the Users page in Microsoft Advertising under User Management. Here you'll see a section titled Require sign-in with a work account. Toggling this to Off should allow any new user to authenticate their Microsoft account via Marin's Linking Wizard right away. 




Please note that because work accounts vs. personal accounts are managed independently from the email domain and are simply an authentication setting option, it is acceptable to use a work email domain with a personal authentication setting. 


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