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Microsoft Audience Ads


Advertisers can expand the scope of existing search campaigns to reach the audience of MSN.com and later other publishers, without creating new ad or campaign types.

Through existing Search campaigns, users will manage through a bid modifier, which ranges from -100% to +900% with a default value of 0. Setting to -100% will disable audience ads from serving.

Note: Marin does not yet support Microsoft Audience campaign types.

Platform support for Microsoft Audience ads

The following support is now available in our Platform for Microsoft Audience Ads:

  • Native Bid Adjustment: Available at the campaign-level and ranges from -100% to +900%. This is Marin's version of Microsoft Advertising's "Audience Bid Adjustment" and works in the same way.
  • View and edit Native Bid Adjustment in the Campaign settings page

    • From the Campaigns tab, select a given campaign and select Settings sub-tab

  • View Native Bid Adjustment and in the Campaigns legacy grid and SmartGrid

    • Select View Builder to add the setting to the grid

  • Manage in bulk through Campaigns page

    • Can be managed as any other campaign setting with dedicated column in bulk management

  • Audience Ad Reporting: Compare audience and search/content performance via an Ad-hoc report in SmartGrid

    1. Navigate to the Campaigns sub-tab in SmartGrid

    2. Using the Campaign Navigator, select Microsoft Advertising and a given campaign

    3. Select Report, then Microsoft Advertising Ad-hoc Report type > Campaign Performance Report

    4. Select Create and this will download a report to Completed Reports

Note: If you'd like to have Microsoft Audience Ads enabled for your Microsoft Advertising account, please contact Marin support.


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