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Home > English > Search Publishers > Microsoft Advertising > Troubleshooting Articles: Microsoft Advertising > Bulk Uploading Keywords to Microsoft Advertising Fails (Microsoft Ads only)

Bulk Uploading Keywords to Microsoft Advertising Fails (Microsoft Ads only)

What Is the Issue?

When uploading Microsoft Advertising keywords through the Platform by bulk sheet, the operation may fail and provide the following error message:

Operation failed with error: Error: java.lang.NullPointerException

What Causes the Issue?

This problem is most likely caused by one or more of the keywords in the bulk sheet containing an extra space. Even just one double space is enough to cause the entire bulk sheet to fail.

How to Fix the Issue

To check whether or not the problem is caused by a double space, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the bulk sheet in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Use the Find function to search for two spaces.
  3. If any results are returned, you can remove one of the spaces in each instance.
  4. Re-upload the bulk sheet and the operation should complete successfully.

If the above process does not solve your problem, or you don’t find any double spaces, please get in touch with our Support Services department.

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