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LinkedIn is perhaps best known as the social media website for professional networking, allowing users to promote their work, connect with others within their industries, and find, post, or promote job opportunities. 

Advertising on LinkedIn is designed to help advertisers reach customers who are ready to do business and can be used to generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness. 




Types of Ads

LinkedIn ads currently come in the following types:

  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored Messaging
  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads

MarinOne offers support for all existing LinkedIn ad types.


MarinOne's integration with your downstream and offline data will connect your LinkedIn Marketing programs to actual business results, while advanced analytics tools make it easy to see the performance of your LinkedIn programs, ask questions of the data, and align with other paid Search and Social campaigns. 

By connecting downstream to our advanced automated bidding, MarinOne can signficantly improve the performance of your campaigns. 

At present, MarinOne offers full support for:

  • Reporting
  • Bid management

Next Steps

To get started leveraging MarinOne's LinkedIn support, please reach out to a platform representative. 



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