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Remarketing Overview


In this article, we'll explain some of the basics of remarketing, as well as recommend further reading within the Marin Support Center so that you can start using it with your campaigns. 

What is remarketing?

It's a fact that the vast majority of users will leave a website without converting (for example, making a purchase). What remarketing does is to cookie these visitors, then use that cookie to locate them in other spots across the web and display relevant, personalized ads. 

For example, a visitor may want to buy a new set of golf clubs, so they'll visit your golfing goods website. But before they complete their purchase, an important phone call causes them to close their browser. In the past, that's a done and dusted deal -- but not so with remarketing. By using the power of cookies (not the crumbly kind), you can show that same visitor a targeted ad later that day for the very same set of golf clubs, all while they're browsing Facebook. They see the ad, remember they wanted to make the purchase, and Bob's your uncle!

These are just the basics, there's a whole lot more you can learn from our Perfect Audience platform. 


Platform support for remarketing

Our support for remarketing is currently provided by our very own Perfect Audience platform.

Built from the ground up to provide a one-stop remarketing solution, this powerful platform is perfect if you want to make the most of remarketing via channels like Google, Facebook and more. 

To learn more about Perfect Audience, please read our Support Center article


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