Facebook Budget Changes


Facebook changed the logic around ads delivery which impacts the interpretation of the daily ad budget limits.

Using Marin Social, you may be charged up to 125% of your daily budget on certain days. For example, if your daily budget is $10.00, you may be charged up to $12.50. However, your weekly spend will NOT exceed 7 times the daily amount, or $70.00 in this example. We will prorate this for partial weeks. Learn more in our documentation for the Ad Set Budget.

Now, an additional logic is introduced where the user can no longer change the budget type (lifetime, daily) after the campaign is synced to Facebook.

Campaign Settings 

After a campaign is synced to Facebook from the Marin Social platform, the campaign budget type cannot be changed. When you hover over the budget type of a synced campaign you will see the message: “You cannot change the campaign budget type after your campaign has been synced.”

Written by Marin Software

Last published at: June 1st, 2023