Negative keyword expansion

The script creates a report of negative keywords based on user-defined business rules that prevent ads from being shown when certain keywords are present.

What can I do with this?

You can leverage this script to ensure you're not using your budget on the terms that aren't relevant or have been shown to have negative impact on your campaigns.

How it works

This script uses broad, phrase, and exact match types to suppress bidding on the negative keywords. 



The report must contain 

  • BULK_COL_ACCOUNT = ‘Account’
  • BULK_COL_CAMPAIGN = ‘Campaign’
  • BULK_COL_GROUP = ‘Group’
  • BULK_COL_KEYWORD = ‘Keyword’
  • BULK_COL_MATCH_TYPE = ‘Match Type’
  • BULK_COL_FRANCHISE = 'Franchise'



Written by Kelsey Kamp

Last published at: March 29th, 2024