Video Guide: The Sizmek Monitoring Report


The Sizmek Monitoring Report is a great way to ensure consistency between the conversions reported in Sizmek and the Marin platform. Below you'll find a short video guide explaining how to use this report in just a few steps. 

Before You Begin

Before you watch our video guide, please note that the Monitoring Report will not display correctly for customers who are using the following custom/advanced SEM Connect settings:

  • If you have multiple Marin accounts are tied to a single Sizmek Advertiser.
  • If a Marin Account is configured to integrate date-of-click conversion reporting data from Sizmek over date-of-conversion. Note: This setting is not generally accessible, so please ask your platform representative if you are unsure about your setting.
  • When a Marin Account conversion type is mapped to multiple Sizmek tag IDs. 

Video Guide

Below you'll be able to watch our video guide on the Sizmek Monitoring Report. For the best experience, watch in full-screen by clicking the icon in the lower-right corner.


Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: January 5th, 2024