Setting Up Creative-Level URLs (Upgraded URLs)

Many advertisers use keyword-level landing pages because they provide a foolproof approach to ensure uniqueness – by adding an incremental or random ID number to each.

While it is possible to test different ads using this approach (via the {creative} parameter and its cousins), the landing page itself is fixed, meaning each ad must go to the same landing page. For this reason, many advertisers will use creative-level landing pages when performing creative and landing page testing. Let's find out more about how to set up this type of landing page.

How To Set Up Creative-Level URLs

Make sure that the tracking template contains the {keyword}{creative}, and {matchtype} parameters. The {keyword} and {matchtype} parameters are necessary in order to attribute the revenue and conversions back to the keyword.

Additional Information

  • If you need to clear out keyword-level landing pages for creative testing purposes, follow these steps:
    1. Create a keyword report
    2. Save a copy of this report for back-up when you need to reinsert the landing pages
    3. Make Landing Page column blank and upload the bulksheet 
  • Because we need to use keyword text to attribute conversions, and some keyword texts contain special characters such as & (which we use as delimiters), we may be unable to read the keyword text correctly, This can sometimes lead to unattributed conversions at the keyword level.

Written by Marin Software

Last published at: June 28th, 2023