"An Input Error Whose Real Reason was Not Properly Mapped" (Google Error)

You may encounter a failed creative upload failed with the following error message:

An Input Error Whose Real Reason was Not Properly Mapped

What Causes The Issue

This problem occurs when there is a space in the URL of the creative(s) being uploaded.

How To Fix The Issue

Navigate to the job ID that has the error. Open the Error file and filter the results column for the error: “An input error whose real reason was not properly mapped (should not happen)”. Check the Display/Click-Through/Destination URLs for these ads and you’ll notice a space in the URL.

You can also check for the extra space by clicking into the creative(s) error job ID itself and tracking it back to the Edit Creative Settings page.

To fix the issue, remove the space, or replace it with a URL special character (e.g. an underscore ‘_’) and re-upload the file. Changes will push through successfully.

Note: If a space cannot be found in the URL, also check the URL Builder parameters for spaces (Located within Admin > Revenue).

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 28th, 2023