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Managing Campaigns

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Failed Bulk Uploads Troubleshooting


There are a number of reasons why your upload may fail when using the Platform's Bulk Upload functionality.

Please read through the list below before contacting our Support teams -- your issue may actually be very quick and easy to fix.

Possible reasons for failed uploads

Please check that the following are true of your bulk sheet upload:

  1. The upload contains the correct column headers (such as Account) and that these headers are spelled correctly.
  2. All items are in the correct columns.
  3. If uploading a file, it is saved as a Unicode .txt or .csv file.

If any of the above are the case, simply reverse the condition causing the failure then re-upload your bulk sheet. It should then upload successfully.

Additional notes

  • Please note that you can download the file associated with the failed upload job by clicking Admin and downloading it from the Activity Log grid. This may give you more detail about why this upload failed. If the file is blank, you can click into the ID number of the job in question for additional error messages

If issues persist, please contact our Support Services team providing as much information as possible.


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