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Google Countdown Customizers


Google Countdown Customizers are ad customizers which adapt your text ads to show both the time left in a sale and any other text that you define. These ads only show on the Search Network. The Marin platform supports syncing, creating, and editing of countdown customizers. 

Note: While the Marin platform supports the creation of Countdown Customizer Ads, it does not support the creation and management of the ad customizer feeds. Additionally, Microsoft Countdown Ads are currently not supported in the platform.

How to Create Google Countdown Customizers

You can create ad customizer ads through Marin using parameters. Ad customizers are parameters that go within curly brackets { }. The parameter will be replaced with dynamic text when your ad is triggered by a user's search.

Your parameters will follow the format of {=DataSetName.AttributeName} and should be added to the Description Line column. For example, you could use the parameter {=FeedSales.SalesValue} followed by a percent symbol (%) to display the percentage discount taking place during your sale. And you could use the parameter {=COUNTDOWN("yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss",​ "en-GB​",​5​)} to indicate when your sale will end.

The complete set of parameters might look something like this:

{=FeedSales.SalesValue}% Sale ends in{=COUNTDOWN("yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss",​ "en-GB"​,​5​)}​

Which would result in a description which states: "50% Sale ends in 5 days"

Another example might look like the below:

Only {=COUNTDOWN("2015/12/1 02:59:00","en-US",4)} left.

The columns required for a bulk upload of Google Countdown Customizers are:

  • Account

  • Campaign

  • Group

  • Status

  • Headline

  • Headline 2

  • Description Line 1

  • Landing page

  • Creative Type

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