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Updating Your Google Credentials to OAuth2


To increase security for its advertisers and API tool providers, Google changed the way that clients authenticate their accounts through the Google Ads API from Client Login to OAuth2.

As a result, clients need to re-authenticate their Google accounts using OAuth. 

How to re-authenticate your Google Accounts

Here's how to accomplish this re-authentication with your own credentials:

  1. Go to the Channel tab and click the Manage Accounts button.
  2. Select your Google account from the left-side account section that lists all of your accounts.
  3. You will be redirected to Google and prompted to re-authenticate your account.
  4. You will need to re-verify each unique username one at a time.
    • Note: Please make sure when authenticating at Google, that you are logged in as the correct user. This user needs to have access to manage the account you are re-verifying.
  5. When you are returned to the Platform, we will attempt to re-authorize all Google accounts linked to the original username.


Issue 1

After clicking on the Upgrade Authentication button, then clicking the Accept button on the next page, you may be taken back to the Linking Wizard and see the following error message:
Authentication failed
Steps to resolve:
  1. Log into your Google Ads account and ensure that the username at the top right matches the username you are using in the Linking Wizard. Also make sure the case sensitivity is correct (example@gmail.com is different than EXAMPLE@gmail.com). If this differs, update the username and re-enter the password if needed.

Issue 2

After clicking on the Upgrade Authentication button and clicking Accept on the next page, you may find that you are taken to a Redirect Loop error page. We believe that this is due to invalid characters in the nickname of your Publisher Client Accounts. For example, the use of an & ampersand.

Steps to resolve:

  1. First, we recommend that you change any special characters into something memorable. For example, AT&T North America can be quickly changed to AT AND T North America by using the Platform's Linking Wizard.
  2. Once the nickname has been edited, proceed to authenticate via OAuth as before.
  3. When authentication is complete (either for OAuth migration or for a new linking), you can proceed to change the name back to the original, e.g. AT&T North America.

Issue 3

After clicking on the Upgrade Authentication button and clicking Accept on the next page, you may be taken back to the Linking Wizard and see that the Upgrade in progress status for this is stuck processing.

Steps to resolve:
  1. If this appears stuck, just click Finished.
  2. You can then verify that the re-authentication was successful by going back to the Linking Wizard and looking for a green check next to the account name (indicating that it is now synced correctly).
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