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Microsoft Advertising Enhanced Campaigns


In September 2014, Microsoft Ads combined tablet and PC/laptop campaigns, while smartphone campaigns remained separate. As of  March 23rd 2015, Microsoft Ads began combining device targets, essentially removing the option to target mobile vs. desktop/tablet.

Platform support for Microsoft Advertising enhanced campaigns

The Marin Platform will continue to display device targets for the time being, however that setting will default to All Devices once pushed to Microsoft Advertising. Additionally, the Platform will continue to offer the ability to:

  • Create and manage mobile-preferred ads.

  • Set campaign-level mobile and tablet bid adjustments via single, multi, and bulk edit.

  • View the bid adjustment value and device preference in respective grid views.

  • Gain valuable insights via campaign performance broken down by device in the Devices sub-tabs.

Platform impact

Following are explanations of how this feature will change the Platform:

  • General
    The merging of device targets impacts accounts that have separate campaigns set up to split Desktop+Tablet vs. Smartphone targeting (e.g. one campaign for Desktop+Tablet and one campaign for Smartphone. For these campaigns, we recommend that you review your campaigns and make necessary adjustments to avoid campaigns competing with each other.
  • Bidding
    There is no impact on keyword-level calculated bids. Support for mobile bid adjustment recommendations will be available in a future release.
  • Reporting
    If you'd like to report revenue and conversions by device, your URLs will need to be re-tagged to add the {device} ValueTrack parameter. If your URLs have not already been re-tagged, please read our Support Center article on how to perform this change. 
If you would like to report revenue and conversions by device, then URLs will need to be re-tagged to add the {device} ValueTrack parameter. Because Smartphone and Desktop+Tablet are still available as device target options, it is recommended to re-tag URLs only if you wish to break out Tablet from Desktop.   

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