SAML IDP - ClearLogin


This article explains how to set up ClearLogin SAML IDP to grant access to your users through your ClearLogin account. Users may already exist and will continue to be created in Marin Software once ClearLogin is set up. ClearLogin users for your company will not be able to log in to Marin Software using the login page without logging into their Clearlogin account first. Once they are logged in, they may either select the Marin Software app in the Clearlogin dashboard, or go to the domain to log in.


To set up ClearLogin SAML IDP to grant access to your users through your ClearLogin account, follow the steps below:

  1. Contact your account manager to inform them of the change in your account to SAML integration and provide them with the email domain to be whitelisted. Our Support Team will whitelist your domain to confirm that all users with your email address domain are required to log in through ClearLogin
  2. Contact ClearLogin (or your IT) to create a new ClearLogin App integration. Please refer to the ClearLogin instructions which can be found under this link and complete the set-up on the New SAML App page as below:
    1. Enabled? = Check Yes
    2. Accepted URL tags = to be determined by customer’s IT
    3. Log out URL = https://access.marinsoftware.<wbr/>com/index/logout
    4. Log in URL = https://access.marinsoftware.<wbr/>com
    5. App URL = https://access.marinsoftware.<wbr/>com
    6. Icon = use “xxxxx.jpg”
    7. Display Name = Marin Software

User roles and permissions are still managed within Marin Software. When you create a new user, an initial password is still required, however, it will not be used. Users will not be able to reset their password or trigger the forgotten password email.

Note: Users must use the whitelisted domain name for this SAML integration to function as intended.


Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 31st, 2023