MarinOne Bidding

MarinOne Bidding is Marin’s newest machine-learning powered optimization suite that delivers peak performance by automatically deploying budget to where it is most impactful.

MarinOne Bidding automatically incorporates over 75+ signals for incredible responsiveness and accuracy across audiences, devices, geos and more. It's simple to set up but flexible enough to meet the needs of your business. It is especially well suited for advertisers with third-party revenue tracking and longer sales cycles.

The MarinOne Bidding engine is a significant upgrade from previous generations of Marin’s Bidding tool, delivering improved accuracy, faster bid calculations and increased scale.

Customers upgrading to MarinOne Bidding from the previous version saw a 10-20% performance improvement and bidding times reduced by up to 95%

Handy Tip

MarinOne Bidding is available today and we will have upgraded customers to MarinOne Bidding in several phases. 


Accuracy, Speed, And Scale 

With MarinOne Bidding, there's no need to choose between accuracy, speed, and scale -- because you get all three out of the box.

Additionally, you'll notice:

  • Faster Run Times: The bid calculation job for large clients can be up to 90% faster than Marin Search. 
  • Increased Scale: MarinOne Bidding can effortlessly handle accounts with up to 10 million keywords. 
  • Improved Accuracy: The Dynamic Clustering algorithm improves predictions on lower-volume terms by strategically sharing across similar keywords via a decision tree clustering technique. The result: an average 28% lift in performance vs. Marin Search.
  • More Reactive: Flexible lookback periods efficiently use the right amount of historical data to improve reactions to changing market conditions.
  • Powerful Forecasts: In MarinOne’s Optimization page, users can forecast into the future using several different timing options in order to explore trade-offs between volume and efficiency for each Strategy. 
  • Better Control: Advertisers can specify separate targets by device and MarinOne Bidding will optimize based on device-specific performance.
  • Better Guardrails: In addition to setting bidding to maximize revenue or conversions, you can also set a Top, Absolute Top, or Search Impression Share Cap.
  • Automation of Bidding Target Changes: Scheduled boosts simplify management of changes in bidding targets and can be set globally or segmented by device and publisher. MarinOne Bidding can automatically exclude data from boosted sale periods.

MarinOne Bidding Models 

MarinOne Bidding currently supports the following bidding models:

  • Max Rev to ROAS
  • Max Conversions to CPA
  • Awareness Targeting 

Coming soon:

  • Max Rev to Monthly Spend Target
  • Max Conv to Monthly Spend Target
  • Max Conv to Monthly CPA Target
  • Max Rev to Monthly ROAS Target

Supported Biddables And Formats 

MarinOne Bidding is currently available for all major publishers on both keywords and product groups, as well as Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), with your objects mapped to a Strategy from the Campaign level. 

 Supported publishers include:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Baidu
  • Yahoo Japan
  • Amazon
  • Yandex
  • Pinterest
  • Apple Search Ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Walkmart
  • Instacart
  • Criteo
  • Criteo Display
  • Criteo Retail

A Note About ECPC 

Using Google's eCPC with MarinOne's Device Bidding can result in double-boosting of Device and Audience multipliers, so we recommend using one or the other -- either eCPC or MarinOne's multipliers -- rather than using both at the same time.

In general, we recommend using Google's eCPC unless there are structural constraints that make it impossible to use in your account (i.e. you don't have a Google pixel, you have a device specific target, etc.). To learn more about Google's eCPC, check out our dedicated article. If there are structural constraints in your account that prevent you from using eCPC, that's where MarinOne's multipliers can help. 

If you're uncertain which option is right for your account, please reach out to an account representative.

A Note About Manual Bidding 

When a Strategy is on automated bidding, we discourage manual editing of bids. However, we do acknowledge that there may be rare cases when a bid may need to be manually edited; for such cases, we recommend making the change to the bid in Marin and employing the use of a bid override. The override can be set to expire after a certain time (e.g. 1 day). Failure to add an override may result in the manual bid change being ignored if bidding is already underway.

Written by Marin Software

Last published at: June 27th, 2023