Sponsored TV

Sponsored TV is a campaign type for Amazon Advertising. It is in open beta and available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil as of 2024-06-03. Amazon will release UK support 2024-06-17. 

Sponsored TV campaigns are a self-service, programmatic ad solution that shows videos across streaming TV services like Freevee. 

  1. From the Accounts > Publishers grid, click “Manage Accounts” and link “Amazon TV”. 
    1. Account Nickname is what to call the account in Marin. 
    2. Account ID is the Amazon entity ID found in the URL after you log in to your Amazon Advertising account, like ENTITY123ABCDEFGHIJKLMN
    3. Country is the country tied to your Amazon account. For the Amazon beta, this should be United States.
    4. Pick Seller Central account for the region tied to your Amazon account. For the Amazon beta, this is Seller Central account - North America.



Sample Bulk File

When creating new campaigns and groups, the Campaign Type and GroupType are required. If editing, they are optional.


Available Metrics

Cost, clicks and impression data are synced daily. Please contact Marin with additional reporting requests. 


Sample Bulk File





Written by Rosanna Chea

Last published at: June 4th, 2024