A Guide To Google Keyword Rejections & Exemption Requests

You may encounter a variation of the following error messages after adding new keywords to the platform:

*Error: GOOGLE, pharma*


*Error: GOOGLE, alcohol*


You can refer to the Google Ads Policy Center for more information on rejections and policies. This center describes which products/services fall under each policy (Trademark, Pharma, Editorial, Copyright, Restricted/Unacceptable Products etc). Jump to the Google Ads Policy Center through the links below.

When Do These Errors Appear?

When Google’s editorial team finds a possible policy violation with your keyword text they will reject your keyword(s). This rejection generates an error similar to the examples above. If you believe your keywords are not in violation of Google Ads' policy, you can seek an exemption. You can ask for an exemption (also known as an exception request) through your Google representative, or you can submit an exemption request through our platform.

How To Apply For Exemption Through Our Platform

  1. Navigate to the Keywords tab.
  2. Click the Google filter on the left-hand side.
  3. Click on the keyword that gave you an error for possibly violating Google’s Advertising Policy.
  4. As you scroll down the Edit Keyword Settings screen, you'll notice two free-form text fields: Policy Name and Violating Text. These can be used to submit the policy name and potential violating text. Find out more about what to type here at the links listed above.
  5. Click Save. You'll then be directed back to the Keywords grid and see a confirmation message.
  6. Go to the Activity Log to see the new task created for editing the keyword.
  7. Push the Activity Log job to Google and your request will be submitted.

If your keywords are in the Sync Error status and do not exist within the platform, you will need to delete these keywords from the platform, add them within Google Ads, then perform a manual sync within the app. To do a manual sync, please follow the steps outlined in Synchronizing Data with the Publishers.

Written by Marin Software

Last published at: June 30th, 2023