Google Upgraded URLs Frequently Asked Questions

With Google's Upgraded URLs, it's never been easier to manage the URLs within your account. You can read an overview of the feature via our help center article. This FAQ will address a number of questions you may have about Upgraded URLs and the migration process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Upgraded URLs?

Upgraded URLs provide a smarter way for our customers to manage their URLs in Google Ads. They can specify which part of their URL designates the landing page, and which part is used for tracking.

 This will allow you to specify three separate pieces of information for your URL: 

  1. Final URLs: A landing page / click-through URL.
  2. Tracking Templates: A template URL for tracking solutions and extra parameters.
  3. Custom Parameters: User-defined ValueTrack parameters.

For a more detailed explanation, please read our our help center article

How Will The Marin platform Support Upgraded URLs?

We will be updating Marin's URL builder to make it easier to manage and scale your upgraded URLs.

  • You can expect features that will help you set up tracking templates and custom parameters, and a tool that will combine upgraded URL components into a fully formed destination URL you can preview before pushing live.

How Will URL Builder Work With Upgraded URLs?

To help our customers with the complexity and time consuming process of migrating their URLs over to the new upgraded URLs structure, Marin is leveraging an Account Tracking Template solution for the migration and ongoing creating/management of Upgraded URLs. The use of this solution is to be considered a best practice for the following reasons:

Using an Account Tracking Template provides a much cleaner approach to set-up and makes it easier for advertisers to make any future changes. This solution results in ultimately cleaner looking URLs with increased readability.

Save time and limit operational disruption through the Account Tracking Template by being able to make basic tracking parameter changes to URLs without having to going through the Google editorial review process, which requires taking keywords and ads offline.

Marin provides customers with the ability to view fully constructed Upgraded URLs (visibility that customers will not get through any other platform solution) in the platform through the SmartGrid..

Google considers the Account Tracking solution to be an ideal one for handling Upgraded URLs.

How Will Marin Offer Support For The Upgraded URL Migration?

Marin will assist with migrating your accounts to the new Google Account Structure.

All Paid Search Clients who opt in to the Marin Assisted Migration will be migrated unless they are using publisher tracking or GA auto-tagging with no custom parameters.

The deadline for opting into the Marin Assisted Migration was May 15, 2015.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: January 5th, 2024