Uploading Revenue For Google Product Groups

When using Product Listing Ads, you will need a way to upload revenue for each of your product groups – in much the same way that you would with keywords or creatives.

How To Upload Revenue For Product Groups

At present, the platform supports one method of product group revenue upload. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Prepare a revenue upload file in the usual way.
  2. Insert the relevant product group tracking value(s) into the Keyword ID column of the revenue upload file.
  3. The values can be inserted into the file either by themselves or with a specific Product Listing Ad Creative ID for each product group. This must be inserted into the Creative ID column.
  4. Upload your revenue file in the usual way. See the help article A Guide to Revenue Upload Methods for more details.


Product Group only

Assume you have a Product Group with tracking value of abcd1234:

Date Keyword ID Creative_ID Revenue Conversions
01/01/23 abcd1234 12.00 1  
01/01/23 abcd1234 2.62 2  

Product Group and PLA creative

Now assume you also have a PLA Creative with external ID 987654321 in the same ad group that the Product Group triggers:

Date Keyword ID Creative_ID Revenue Conversions
01/01/23 abcd1234 987654321 28.00 4
01/01/23 abcd1234 987654321 243.09 11

Additional Information

  • All standard revenue upload features (Add vs. Overwrite mode, user-defined conversion types, multiple currencies, etc.) are all supported when uploading revenue for product groups. This includes FTP upload and 3rd party revenue integrations.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 27th, 2023