Baidu Error “You Do Not Have Enough Quota”

Baidu assigns a quota to each account. When a new account is created, this error message may appear in both the Baidu application and the Marin platform:

Error: You do not have enough quota


What Causes The Issue?

The Quota is related to your client account information in Baidu. You can read more about the Baidu API Quota by clicking here. 

How To Fix The Issue

If you receive the API Quota usage error, please contact Baidu to request more quota, or wait until the quota is refreshed. Baidu API Quota is refreshed every Saturday.

When the Baidu quota is refreshed, the system will clear the quota to zero and automatically calculate a new total quota. The total quota is the sum of each API product quota.

Note: Please be aware that remaining total quota for each week does not roll over into the next week.

Additional Information

  • Developer tokens are used to get access to the API and are not related to the quota.
  • To see more information about when and how changes are synced to the platform, visit our Help article.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 30th, 2023