Auto-pause mature campaigns that have a low ROAS

The script automatically pauses PPC campaigns that are considered mature but are yielding low Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

What can I do with this?

This script helps advertisers ensure their budget is being allocated to the campaigns that are most likely to boost their return on their marketing investment and eliminate wasted spend on those that are underperforming.

  • The script targets mature campaigns with a ROAS below a certain threshold.
  • It applies business rules to identify which campaigns should be paused to optimize advertising spend.
  • The process helps in managing campaigns by reducing wasted ad spend on underperforming campaigns.



How it works

  •  The script defines the campaign pause criteria, including the maturity level and the minimum and maximum ROAS values
  • It searches those with a mature status and pauses those that don't meet ROAS threshold
  • The script identifies campaigns whose status has changed and prepares a summary of these changes – if no changes are made, it returns an empty output 
  • It also logs the date when the script paused the campaigns



  • A bulk sheet with campaign maturity (i.e. how long it takes for your campaigns to ramp) and ROAS targets by campaign


  • See the code below for the required columns in the report


  • Can be adjusted to pause keywords based on conversion rate, clicks, impressions, campaigns, or conversions



Written by Kelsey Kamp

Last published at: March 25th, 2024