Auto-pause keyword based on performance

The script automatically updates the status of keywords to “Paused” if their performance crosses user-determined thresholds.

What can I do with this?

This script helps advertisers ensure their budget is being allocated to the assets that are most likely to help them meet their performance goals and eliminate wasted spend on those that are underperforming.

  • The script identifies keywords that are not meeting performance criteria
  • It updates the status of these keywords to 'Paused' to prevent further spending
  • Users set rules for pausing keywords are based on metrics like cost, conversion rate, clicks, and impressions



How it works

The script compares current performance metrics to user-defined keyword performance targets and automatically pauses those that aren't meeting the targets.



  • User must define KPI targets in a spreadsheet for bulk upload


  • See the code below for the required columns in the report


  • Can be adjusted to pause keywords based on conversion rate, clicks, impressions, campaigns, or conversions


Written by Kelsey Kamp

Last published at: March 25th, 2024