Finding the Conversion Script Template


When you need to insert the platform tracking code to a new conversion page, you can check the conversion script template without submitting a ticket to our Customer Support team, which will save you time.

Where To Find The Conversion Script Template

  1. "Statement of Work" document

    You can see your conversion script template within the Statement of Work document that was given for you during onboarding process.
  2. Thank-you page

    You can also find the conversion script that is currently working in your account on a Thank-you page. Copy the script onto your new conversion page, and then make sure to update the conversion ID values in the script, so it reflects the new conversion type.

Additional Information

  • If you are using the old synchronous code (containing UTM:T and/or UTM:I lines), you can also refer to the following help center article for more information on the setup: Understanding the Legacy (Synchronous) Revenue Tracking Code Snippet
  • If you are using the new asynchronous code, you can also refer to:
    • The Revenue Tracking section in the platform as follows:
      1. Click the Admin link in the upper-right
      2. Select the conversion type from the drop down to see the template
      3. Scroll down to Confirmation Page Code
      4. Click > Go to Tracker Setup Page
      5. Click Revenue Tracking in the left-hand menu
      6. Select the Revenue sub-tab

Important Note

  • Please reach out to your Account Team if you would like to have additional fields within your pixel.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: December 22nd, 2023