Revenue Assists Troubleshooting


Revenue Assists for Paid Search keywords require the ability to calculate Gross Profit for each of the assisting keywords. This is so Marin can accurately give credit to the assisting clicks and the assisted revenue can be used for bidding.

Missing Assist Values

If you have configured Revenue Assists for Marin Tracker and are not seeing assist values in the Tracker revenue file, it is most likely for one of the following reasons:

  • There are no assisting keywords. Many users click on only one keyword prior to a conversion. It may be that for the sample date range, no conversions had assisting keywords.
  • Marin cannot find the assisting keywords. If the application is unable to find the assisting keywords using the tracking values, there will be no way to calculate Gross Profit and, therefore, no data in the Assist columns of the revenue file. Check to be sure the Assisting keywords exist in the account. You can also try re-parsing to ensure Marin is aware of the tracking values for the keywords.
  • The bidding settings are not configured to appropriately calculate Gross Profit. In certain cases, the Gross Profit calculation is determined by the revenue value being passed to the conversion. If the Value-per-conversion setting is set to Auto, the application requires that revenue is being passed in order to calculate a Value-per-conversion and therefore Gross Profit.
  • If you are not passing a revenue value for your conversion event, you will need to specify a Value-per-conversion. Alternatively, if the Value-per-conversion in the bidding settings is set to Auto, be sure that there is a revenue amount being passed with the conversion events.
  • If some of your conversion types are not showing a revenue value, set these conversion types to add to totals in order to trigger the Assists column to pass values. 

Note: You do not not need to be bidding for assists to work, but Marin does need to calculate Gross Profit. In some cases, you may need to set up a Strategy with a Value-per-Conversion amount in order for assists to work.


Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: January 18th, 2024