Discrepancy Between Conversion Totals In Google Analytics And MarinOne (Auto-Tagging 'Off')

Note: This article is for users on a Google Analytics revenue integration with auto-tagging off. If you are on a Google Analytics revenue integration with auto-tagging on, please refer to this Help article: The Number of Conversions in Google Analytics (with auto-tagging ON) and in the platform Not Matching.

When comparing the number of conversions shown in Google Analytics and in the platform, you may notice a discrepancy between the numbers, and you may doubt that the platform misses some data or shows the wrong numbers.

What Causes The Issue?

This problem most commonly occurs when the data is not compared correctly, which means that, while both data sets are accurate, you have the numbers shown with different criteria applied.

For users on a Google Analytics revenue integration with auto-tagging off (using manual UTM tracking parameters), the system will look to only pull in those Google Analytics conversions, if the corresponding URL the conversion came from has a pipe ('|') in the utm_content value. This is because most tracking parameters as seen in URL Builder will have a '|' in their tracking parameter string. By only pulling those conversions that are associated with a '|' in the URL, this tells the system that these conversions came from paid search.

Below is an example of a URL Builder setup that shows this '|' , telling the platform these will be from paid search:


Google Analytics reports on all data it tracks (i.e. from direct, organic, paid search, etc.). Therefore, when comparing the conversion data in Google Analytics to conversion data in the platform, you must make sure you are applying an Advanced Filter within Google Analytics whereby you are only viewing those conversions that have a '|' in the utm_content value.

To apply this filter in Google Analytics, please follow these steps:

  1. Click Advanced Segments at the top of the grid (symbolized by a downward arrow).
  2. Under the Custom Segments section, look to see if you already have this utm_content contains | segment as a filter option.
    • You can check this by clicking Edit button ('pencil' icon) next to the custom segment to review its definition.
    • If this is already a filter option, select this and click Apply.
  3. If this filter option is not already created, click + Create New Segment
    • Navigate to Advanced > Conditions.
    • Insert the following definition: Include Ad Content Contains |
    • Click Save.

How To Fix The Issue

This is expected behavior, and as such does not require a fix. When comparing conversion data in Google Analytics and in the platform, please make sure you are filtering for those paid conversions with a '|' in the utm_content value in Google Analytics.

If that's not the case or you have more questions, please contact our Customer Support team, who will be happy to help investigate.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 30th, 2023