Supported URL Formats for Sitelinks URL Builder

Note: This article applies to publishers that are not using Upgraded URLs. 

The URL Builder automatically builds URLs and appends tracking parameters to sitelink URLs. URLs are constructed so that sitelink conversions are attributed to the keyword that triggered the sitelink. To accomplish this, the {copy} parameter is used to dynamically copy over static keyword tracking parameters (e.g. Tracking IDs) in to sitelink URLs.

However, use of the {copy} parameter is not supported with certain URL structures. As a result Sitelinks URL Builder should not be used with these URL structures. This article will document supported and unsupported URL structures for use with the Sitelinks URL Builder feature.

Unsupported URL Structures

Any URL structure that does not adhere to standard ampersand (&) and equals (=) sign key/value delimiters is generally not supported.

For example:

  • Google Search Ads 360 (DCM) redirects
  • Tradedoubler redirects
  • Atlas RTS and data passback URLs

Any URL structure that contains additional parameters adjacent to the click through URL.

For example:

  • &lp=[click_through_url][DimensionA]

Supported URL Structures

Any URL structure that uses standard ampersand and equals sign key/value delimiters is supported, for example:

  • Tracker pixel/JavaScript tracking parameters
  • Google Analytics UTM parameters
  • CoreMetrics
  • Omniture
  • Any custom tagging parameters that adhere to standard URL query string format with ampersand and equals sign key/value delimiters.

Important Notes

  • If your URL format is not listed above and you’d like to confirm that it is supported with Sitelinks URL Builder, please contact your platform representative and include a sample URL.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 28th, 2023