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Google Callout Extensions


Google Callout Extensions allow you to add extra text to any of your existing creatives, such as free delivery or other perks of choosing your service. 

In the Platform, these Callout Extensions will be synced at the campaign and group level (hard-sync and nightly-sync for campaigns, and only hard sync for groups).


Please note that Callout Extensions are currently a beta feature in our Platform. If you'd like to use them, please first speak to your Platform representative.

How To

In MarinOne

  1. The first step, as usual, is to log into MarinOne. 
  2. Navigate to the Ads tab in the top navigation. Instead of clicking into the tab, click the down arrow icon just to the right of the tab and select Ad Extensions


  3. Once on the Ad Extensions grid, use the Extension Type column to differentiate between Callout Extensions and other extensions. You can apply a filter to this column if you'd like to look at only Call Extensions.


  4. Above the grid, you'll see a toggle for either Ad Extension View or Association View.


    1. Ad Extension View will show you each of your extensions a single time, with performance data rolled up across all campaigns and groups that your extension is tied to. 
    2. Association View will show a single line-item for each extension + campaign/group association. For example, if your "Schedule a demo" sitelink is used in five different campaigns, you'll see five separate line-items for this sitelink, one for each campaign it's associated with. 
  5. For Device details about your ad extensions, navigate to the Devices tab and choose Ad Extension from the Level drop-down. The grid here offers the same toggles for Ad Extension View and Association View that you'll find from the Ad Extensions tab. 



In Marin Search

You can set up Callout Extensions in a similar fashion to sitelinks. Just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the main Campaigns or Groups tab.
  2. Click on any of your campaigns or groups.
  3. Select the Ad Extensions sub-tab.
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose Callout Extensions.
  5. Click the New Callout button to create a new extension of this type.
  6. In the right-hand panel, you can adjust the settings for your new Callout Extension. You can add one line of text for each specific Callout, and can adjust these settings:
    • Specify whether or not a specific Callout is Mobile Preferred.

    • Specify the start and end date of a specific Callout Extension.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.24.34 PM.png

Additional information

  • You can unlink Callouts from the list on the Ad Extensions screen by using the 'unlink' icon in the grid.



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