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SKU-Level Reporting for Google Shopping


Marin offers a range of in-depth reporting options for your Google Shopping Campaigns, allowing you to analyze performance metrics like clicks, impressions, conversions, and more. All of this data can be viewed at the Product Group level, or rolled up by Ad Group and Campaign -- the choice is yours.

Want to dig a little deeper? You can also review performance at the individual product (SKU) level via the Shopping Products tab in MarinOne or the Shopping Products tab in Marin Search.



Accessing SKU-Level reporting

In MarinOne

  1. Log in to MarinOne as usual.
  2. Click the down-arrow next to the main Products tab in the top-level navigation.


  3. Select the Shopping Products tab. 



From this tab, you'll be able to explore a grid containing all of your individual products and their associated metrics. As with any other tab in MarinOne, you can use the usual sorting and filtering to refine your view as required. 

In Marin Search

If you're using Marin Search to manage your Google Shopping Campaigns, you can enable this tab by speaking with your Platform representative. Once you've had the feature enabled for your account, you can follow these steps to access the Shopping Products sub-tab. 

  1. Log in to the Platform as normal.
  2. Click into the main Products tab from the top navigation bar. 


  3. Finally, click on the Shopping Products sub-tab. 


  4. From this tab, you'll be able to explore a grid containing all of your individual products and their associated metrics. As with any other tab in the Platform, you can use the usual sort options and filters to refine your view as required. 


Important notes

  • A single product ID may exist in multiple ad groups, because each group can contain a full hierarchy of product groups. This means that a product is only regarded as unique in the context of its account structure (i.e. campaign, ad group, product group, etc.).

  • At present, the Shopping Products tab lists only products from Google. We'll update this article when this changes in a future release. 

  • Cost data (clicks, impressions, etc) and product title will be brought into MarinOne and Marin Search each night for products with non-zero impressions. That means any products, regardless of campaign or ad group, without an impression will not be synced into the Marin application.

  • Revenue data (conversions, revenue, etc) can be brought into MarinOne and Marin Search if you're using Publisher Tracking, Marin Tracker or a Third-Party Solution that supports revenue by Product ID.

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