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Uploading New Creatives to Baidu Fails

What is the issue?

When uploading new creatives to Baidu, you may encounter an error message such as this:


Baidu Error: Creative description2 triggers blacklist

What causes the issue?

This is most likely caused by Baidu rejecting these creatives due to blacklist content that resides in Description Line 2 (or whichever field is mentioned in this error).

How to fix the issue

Please speak with Baidu on these errors to see if you can upload the creatives on Baidu's end and get a policy exemption. Once these have been accepted in Baidu, you can perform a manual sync in the Platform to bring these creatives into the application.

Note: To avoid duplication errors during the manual sync, make sure to remove the creatives from the Platform before they are uploaded to Baidu.

See the following Help article for instructions on how to perform a manual sync: Synchronizing Data With The Publishers.

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