Maximize Conversions / Conversion Value Strategy Goals

How to set up Strategies to maximize return on marketing investment

Marin gives you the tools to take control of your performance marketing budgets to maximize impact and return on investment by dynamically allocating budget to the most productive campaigns.

Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion Value Strategy Goals

Maximize Conversion and Maximize Conversion Value are the strategy goals for marketing looking to get the best performance from their campaigns subject to a spend and/or efficiency constraint. Advanced machine learning understands campaign performance and adjusts your spending according to your business goals and any rules you specify. Our advanced machine learning dynamically adjusts spending to hit your business targets, blending seamlessly with publisher bidding for peak performance.

These strategies will maximize conversions to a CPA target or conversion value to a ROAS target. You can optionally add a spend constraint and Marin will ensure the the strategy meets both the the efficiency and spend target (whichever it hits first).

Marin adjusts campaign budgets and bid targets to meet your objectives. For campaigns using publisher bidding, the bid targets are sent to the publisher. For manual CPC campaigns, Marin will calculate the keyword-level bids and send those to the publisher.

Set up

  1. If required, create a new Strategy, or edit a pre-existing one, with the following Goals:
    • Maximize Conversions with a target CPA  and/or target Monthly Spend set
    • Maximize Conversion Value with a target ROAS and/or target Monthly Spend set
  2.  Map the relevant campaigns to strategy
  3. Identify any campaigns to override, if you wish to prevent Dynamic Allocation from updating campaign daily budgets and targets
    • If you wish to account for the spend of such campaigns within the wider goal but do NOT want to update budgets or targets for whatever reason, apply a campaign override
    • If you do not wish to account for the spend of such campaigns within the wider goal and wish to exclude the campaign altogether, just map it to a different strategy, or keep it in the Unassigned strategy.
  4. Set an initial target.  If you don’t know what to enter, just set trailing 28-day performance as a starting point
  5.  The allocation job will run nightly and populate the columns on the Campaigns grid. If the Strategy is set to traffic, these settings will be sent to the publisher.



The campaigns grid has new columns showing Marin's recommendations:

Column Description
Rec. Campaign Budget The ideal recommended budget for the specified target.
Adj. Rec. Campaign Budget The recommended budget given settings such as Max. Budget Change, Budget Cap, etc.
Rec. Campaign Budget Date The most recent date a budget recommendation was calculated
Rec. Campaign Target The ideal recommended target
Adj. Rec. Campaign Target The recommended target given settings such as Max. Bid Change, etc.
Rec. Campaign Target Date The most recent date a target recommendation was calculated
Recommendation Adj.  The settings (Max. Bid Chage, Budget Cap, etc.) limiting the recommendations





Written by Joe Southin

Last published at: June 19th, 2024