Dynamically Allocate Budget to a Monthly Target (SBA)

How to set up SBA via MarinOne Scripts


Used for clients or prospects wishing to deploy a dynamic allocation of campaign daily budgets across a broader array of publishers than is currently available through Ascend Dynamic allocation.

Allocated budgets according to:

  • The remaining budget for each SBA Strategy budget group
  • Remaining days in the month
  • Historical spend and spend potential
  • Campaigns with spend in lookback period
  • Configurable Minimum Daily Budget

How it works

  • Map campaigns to a strategy with the SBA Strategy dimension
  • Set the budget for each strategy with the SBA Budget dimension
  • The script reviews spen pacing and campaign performance and adjusts the budget for each campaign. The allocation is based on Impression Share to Budget, Publisher Cost, Click Through Rate and average CPC
  • The script works across all publisher in Marin
  • Script does NOT adjust publisher or Marin bidding targets

Set up

  1. Create Required Dimensions in MarinOne
    • SBA Allocation
    • SBA Strategy
    • SBA Budget Pacing
    • SBA Campaign Budget
    • SBA Strategy
    • SBA Traffic
    • Program End Date
    • Rec. Daily Budget
  2. In MarinOne Campaigns grid group Campaigns by “SBA Strategy” and “SBA Campaign Budget”. All Campaigns that share the same budget should be assigned the same “SBA Strategy” value and assigned the same “SBA Campaign Budget”
  3. Create Required Report in MarinOne
    1. Name = Scripts - SBA Campaign - 30 Day Pacing
    2. Schedule = Daily
    3. Show = Daily, make sure the “Include dates without metrics” is checked
  4. Date Selector = Past 30 Days 
  5. Column Order:
    1. Campaign
    2. Account
    3. Publisher
    4. Strategy
    5. Daily Budget
    6. Campaign Status
    7. Pub. Cost $
    8. Clicks
    9. Conv.
    10. Impr. Share %
    11. Lost Impr. Share (Budget)
    12. Lost Impr. Share (Rank)
    13. SBA Strategy
    14. SBA Campaign Budget
    15. SBA Allocation
    16. Rec. Daily Budget
    17. SBA Budget Pacing
    18. SBA Traffic
    19. Program End Date
  6. Create a script called “SBA Campaign Pacing”
  7. Configure script:
    1. Reference Data = None
    2. Action either Bulk Upload (Preview) or Bulk Upload
    3. Change Item = Campaign
    4. Change Attributes = Account (Default), Campaign (Default), Daily Budget
    5. Change Attributes (Dimensions) Rec. Daily Budget, SBA Allocation, SBA Budget Pacing
    6. Paste script






Written by Joe Southin

Last published at: March 25th, 2024