Google Live Ads

Live Ad Parameters allow you to dynamically change numeric values like pricesinventory numbers, and percentages within your ad text.

These numeric values are saved at the keyword level, which can then be used in creatives in a similar way to keyword insertion. However, rather than Google inserting the keyword text in the ad, the specific value related to the searched keyword will be inserted.

Example Of Live Ad Parameters

Imagine you are bidding on the keyword "antique cups" and have set the price ($80) and number of varieties (18) as Live Param values:

Keyword Live Ads Param 1 Live Ads Param 2
antique cups $80 18

The creative would reference the Live Param values, and include default text, in much the same way that keyword insertion does. 

When a customer searches for "antique cups", Google will serve the creative containing the Live Param values.

Why Use Live Ad Parameters?

Much like keyword insertion, Live Params can make ads more relevant to customers, and help to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) and creative performance. Changes to creatives using Live Params are implemented faster because they do not require Google's editorial review. Additionally, Live Param updates will not affect Quality Score.

Acceptable Values For Live Ad Parameters

When choosing a numeric value to insert into the ad text, the following restrictions apply:

  • Can use , or . as a separator, with an optional . or , (respectively) for fractional values. For example 1,000,000.00 and 2.000.000,10 are valid.
  • Can be prepended or appended with a currency symbol. For example, $99.99 and 200£ are valid.
  • Can be prepended or appended with a currency code. For example, 99.99USD and EUR200 are valid.
  • Can use %. For example, 1.0% and 1,0% are valid.
  • Can use + or -. For example, -10.99 and 25+ are valid.
  • Can use / between two numbers. For example 4/1 and 0.95/0.45 are valid.

How To Set Up Live Ad Params In The Platform

You are not able to see the Live Param values in the Google Ads interface.

You can, however, see them in the platform. Just go to the keyword settings page or use the View Builder in the main Keywords grid and add the columns, Live Ads Param 1 and Live Ads Param 2 which can be found in the Advanced section of the View Builder.

  1. Edit a creative to include the Live Param(s) in the format {param1: default text} shown in the example above. These can be used in the Headline or Description Line 1 or Line 2.
  2. Update the keywords in the group using a bulk upload and the column headers Live Ads Param 1 and Live Ads Param 2 in the bulk sheets.


  • Note that Google accepts only numeric values in their Live Ad parameters, but these can be included along with the following characters: %,.,+,-,/,£,$,€,¥, USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, etc.
  • Please also note that spaces cannot be used in Live Ad parameters. The platform will accept parameters with spaces, but the operation will fail when posted to the publisher.

How To Remove Keyword-Level Live Ad Parameter Values

The following suggestions are current ways to remove keyword-level live ad parameter values so that the creative-level default live ad parameter values are used:

  • Individual Edit: Click into a specific keyword, and remove the Live Ad parameter values here.
  • Update Live Ad values: Update the keyword-level Live Ad parameters to the default values seen at the creative-level.
  • Remove Live Ads for Creatives: Edit the creative so it does not leverage the dynamic live ad parameter.

Our product team is working on a bulk-upload method that would clear out keyword-level live ad parameters, so that the default values are used. In the meantime, please use one of the above methods to accomplish this.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 27th, 2023