Label Keywords with New-to-brand Potential

This script identifies and automatically labels the keywords that are most likely to be tagged “New To Brand” by Amazon

What can I do with this?

Help boost your conversions among customers who haven't purchased from you in the past with by leveraging identifying those that have the highest NTB potential. Take it a step further and the system to automatically boost these keywords when they hit a certain performance threshold – on Amazon or across advertising platforms.


How it works

The script monitors keywords that are tagged for inclusion and automatically tags those that have most contributed to net-new customer conversion.



  • You must have your Amazon account linked to Marin and have active campaigns running on your account


Reports must contain the following columns

  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Group
  • Keyword
  • Match Type
  • NTB Uplift


Written by Kelsey Kamp

Last published at: May 6th, 2024