Worldwide And Global Region Targeting


Advertisers want to get the best value conversions but have trouble understanding what country they should target to find this. Advertisers may also only operate within certain free trade areas or continents, but today we make this difficult to do so. To help remove this obstacle we are launching the ability for advertisers to use either “Worldwide” or 15 Global Regions in location targeting. This will only be available in Mobile App Install, Mobile App Engagement and Website Conversion Objectives. Using this new feature will allow advertisers to find the best value conversions around the world without having to guess at what countries they should target.

How It Works 

During the bulk creation step, you can search for worldwide (type in "worldwide"), by region (ex: "Europe"), by free trade area (ex: "NAFTA", the North American Free Trade Agreement) or by app store availability (ex: "iTunes app store countries").

Once you start a campaign with these new options Facebook will deliver ads to countries within those groups and will optimize to show the ads to people who are likely to convert.


You can quickly identify which worldwide or global regions are working best for your marketing campaigns by utilizing our pivot tables feature.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 4th, 2023