The 'Result' Column In Processed Revenue Files


There are a number of status messages that may appear within your revenue files once they've been uploaded to Marin. These will appear within the Result column of our downloaded revenue files.

In this article, we'll walk you through how to download a revenue file, along with a few of the most common messages in the Result column. 

How To Download A Revenue File

To download a revenue file, first, click on the Activity Log from anywhere in Marin. Then, in the Description column, you will see both a description of the activity that took place, alongside a File link to download the relevant revenue file. 

To identify revenue files, you might see description language such as Incoming data file transformationTracker Revenue Upload, or other possible language relevant to the source of the revenue file. 

Click File to download the file, then open it in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or the spreadsheet tool of your choice. 

Common 'Result' Messages

Here is a list of possible messages for the Result column (and what they mean):

  • Success
    This means that the conversions have been properly attributed to either keyword or group. Note that even if the conversion was unable to attribute to the creative, the status would still be Success.
  • Skipped: Tracking ID not found in Landing Page URL (platform Tracking only)
    As Marin tracking pulls in conversion data, some conversions may come from sources outside of paid search, your conversion window, or other channels being managed within Marin.
     This means either:
    • There is a landing URL that doesn't contain the tracking ID
    • There are conversions with clicks outside of your conversion window (For example, clicks happening more than 30 days before the conversion)
    • There is no click recorded prior to the conversion (i.e. there is no Landing Page URL). Any conversion with an order ID will end up in the Tracker revenue upload for reporting purposes, whether we have a click or not. For those with no clicks (for one of the reasons above), Marin will display skipped.
  • Warning: Attributed only to the creative
    This message means that the conversion is attributed only to the creative and group level, but not the keyword. You can learn more about unattributed conversions by reading Understanding Unattributed Revenue or Conversions.
  • Warning: Attributed only to the creative and product group
    This message means that the product_id within the Tracker Revenue file either:
    1. Is not unique (i.e. it's shared across multiple groups).
    2. Has not yet been created in Marin. As such, we can't attribute the conversion or revenue at the SKU level for this entry. To fix this problem, perform a hard sync on the group where this product resides to pull in the object from Google.

      If both of the above apply, the product will have to be deleted from one or more groups before performing a hard sync. 
  • Warning: Date more than 30 days in past
    This message appears when the attribution window is configured to be longer than the default of 30 days. Assuming the conversion still falls within your attribution window settings, this is just a warning and the conversion was attributed successfully.
  • Invalid Conversion Type
    This message means that the conversion type being passed in the revenue file does not match the conversion type created in Marin under the Conversion Type settings. The conversion type ID or name being passed in the revenue files must match the values in the Conversion Type settings for this to process correctly.
  • Failed: No matches found
    This message means that the conversion was unable to be matched to a tracking ID at either the keyword or creative level. This happens when the tracking ID is not found at all within the account, or when multiple objects share the same tracking ID. This conversion will then not be attributed to any object within the account.

    If the tracking ID is not found at all within the account, this means one of the below:
    1. The impacted items exist in campaigns that are currently not linked into Marin.
    2. The impacted items are currently linked but were not linked at the time the revenue file was uploaded.
    3. Parsing is not set up correctly. 
    4. The tracking ID does not exist.
    5. Incorrect publisher tracking parameters in the URL.
      If the corresponding keywords/creatives exist in Marin now, you can manually upload the failed rows by following the steps in this Help article: Unexpected low Conversion Data.

      Note: If the conversion is from organic search, you might see this message. This is expected behavior and does not need to be fixed.
  • Failed: Matches found in multiple groups
    This happens when the same tracking ID is found in multiple objects. This conversion will not be attributed to any object within the account.
  • Invalid Match Type "x" (expected Broad, Phrase, or Exact)
    This message means the value passed in the Match Type column is not one of our accepted values. These conversions do not attribute to any objects.

    The only accepted values for the Match Type field are: broad, phrase, exact, b, p, e, bb, bp, be

    This means either:
    1. The publisher was unable to populate the {matchtype} or {BidMatchType} parameter. This is common for Shopping Ads.
    2. This was a test click/conversion where the URL that was served did not go through the publisher and therefore the ValueTrack parameters were not populated.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: January 18th, 2024