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Google Device Bid Adjustment

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On July 26th, 2016 Google began support for Desktop Bid Adjustment and Tablet Bid Adjustment for campaigns and groups. In this article, we'll explain device bid adjustment for campaigns and groups. This document will be maintained to reflect any changes that may develop as time goes on.

Platform Support

Device Bid Adjustment is supported for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet devices. The operational bidding adjustment range is -90% through +900%, with 0% bid adjustment as a baseline for all devices. If a bid adjustment is set to  -50%, the bid will be reduced by a half, so a bid of $3.00 will be reduced to $1.50. If the bid adjustment is set to +300%, a bid of $3.00 will be increased by 4 times to $12.00.

  • Starting bid is $1.00
  • Adjustment is  -50%
  • Resulting bid is $1.00 +($1 x -50%) = $0.50


  • Starting bid is $1.00
  • Adjustment is +300%
  • Resulting bid is $1.00+($1x +300%) = $4.00

By setting a -100% device bid adjustment, you can effectively “turn-off” the campaign or group device. For example, if you set a mobile bid adjustment to -100% at the campaign-level, you will create a desktop/tablet-only campaign.

If you use device bid adjustments for both a campaign and its groups, the group-level bid adjustment will be used to determine device bid adjustment. But, if you set the campaign device bid adjustment to -100%, then the device adjustment at the group will not be used and the group device bid adjustment will be inherited as -100%. In Marin’s platform, if you set a campaign device bid adjustment to -100% and the group is set to another value, Google will respond with an error upon push to AdWords. 

Full optimization support, including Marin recommendations for Desktop Bid Adjustments and Tablet Bid Adjustments will be available in future releases. Marin does not recommend using Marin's Mobile Bid Adjustment Recommendations (MBAR) in conjunction with Desktop and Tablet Adjustments.



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