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Buy Box Monitoring for Amazon


The Amazon "Buy Box" is the top-right section of a product page where customers can directly add items to their shopping carts. In cases where multiple sellers offer the same product on Amazon, they must compete to “win the Buy Box.” 

Over 80% of Amazon website sales today go through the Buy Box, making it a critical aspect of successful advertising on Amazon. Having visibility into the Buy Box status of your products makes it easy to monitor for products which may be sources of lost revenue and sales opportunity. 

The Marin platform is able to show you when Amazon products are falling out of the Buy Box using a specific column – Amazon Serving Status – available in the Creatives tab.  



In order to monitor the status of your Buy Box for your Amazon products (ASINs) in the Marin platform, you can simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main Creatives tab.
  2. Open the View Builder, go to the Dimensions section, look for the Amazon Serving Status column, then add it to your grid.


  3. Using the platform's standard filtering tools, you can then filter for Amazon Serving Status equals Not in Buybox to find products which are not currently wining the Buy Box.


  4. We strongly recommend that you save this specific view so you can check it anytime. It's also a good idea to create a recurring report (or alert) using the platform's reporting tools. Doing this will ensure you're always updated on the status of your Buy Boxes and can take action immediately. 

Important Notes

  • Buy Box Eligibility is currently shown for Sponsored Products only
  • In addition to Buy Box eligibility, there are various other product statuses which you may find useful. Below is a list of the possible statuses for the Amazon Serving Status column, along with what they mean. 

    Note: From time to time, Amazon will send status values which are not included in this list, such as 'Ineligible'. Once our team has been provided with definitions for these statuses, we'll update this list.

Ad Status


Ad Status Live

Ad’s status is Enabled.

Ad Paused

Ad’s status is Paused.

Ad Archived

Ad’s status is Archived.

Missing Image

Ad offer does not have item decoration, or item decoration doesn’t have a product page.

Missing Decoration

Ad is not servable. Please check status in the Amazon Advertising UI (Seller Central/Advertising Console) for additional details.

Not Buyable

Ad offer does not have decoration or buyability data.

Not in Buybox

Ad offer is not the Buy Box winner.

Out of Stock

Ad offer is out of stock.


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