The Marin Ecommerce Module


With changes constantly emerging in the Ecommerce market, the need to manage different products across multiple channels and formats like Amazon, Google Shopping, Microsoft Shopping, etc. is going to keep increasing. While you can already achieve that in Marin within the Search module, Marin's new Ecommerce module provides you with a dedicated location for everything Ecommerce.


  • The Ecommerce module lets you navigate to a specific location in the Marin platform to access everything related to Ecommerce, rather than trying to find that data within the Search module.
  • It also allows us to have a location to expand upon for future Ecommerce-specific widgets and wizards in the future, with many exciting optimization features coming, designed to complement publisher capabilities.

Current Offering 

Our current Ecommerce module currently supports Amazon, Google Shopping, and Microsoft Shopping with other Ecommerce enhancements planned.

Please note that Google Shopping, Microsoft Shopping, and other Ecommerce offerings will continue to be available in the Search module at the current time.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: January 18th, 2024