Google Labels

Similar to Marin's dimensions, Google's labels allow you to organize the elements in your account into meaningful groups so you can quickly and easily filter on the data that is of the most interest to you. 

Marinone syncs your labels in order to use them for filtering and reporting. 

Read on to learn more. 

Marin Support

Marin offers syncing support for labels applied at the campaign, group, keyword, or ad level. Please note that Google Ads does not allow the labeling of products, dynamic targets, or product groups. 

Your labels will be synced into MarinOne at the following times:

  1. When your account was linked into MarinOne
  2. During the nightly sync
  3. When a manual sync takes place

At the current time, MarinOne does not offer editing support for labels.  Labels created at the manager account-level will not be synced to Marin.

How To

  1. The first step, as always, is to log into MarinOne. 
  2. Next, navigate to the Campaigns, Groups, Keywords, or Ads tab. 
  3. From the Column Selector, add the Publisher Labels column. You can sort, filter, and report with this column, just as you would with any other column. 
  4. If you're leveraging MarinOne's dimensions, you can use your labels for inspiration and ideas, in order to apply the same groupings to your campaigns across multiple publishers. You can also use MarinOne Scripts to populate your labels as a dimensions.

Written by Marin Software

Last published at: September 22nd, 2023