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Amazon Product Targeting and Auto Targeting


MarinOne supports various targeting options for Amazon campaigns which can help advertisers reach new customers. These include Product Targeting and Auto Targeting.

In this article, we'll explain what these targeting features are and how to use them in MarinOne. 

Product Targeting

Product Targeting provides advertisers the ability to conquest competitors' products, promote alternative products in their own catalog, or cross-sell by targeting complementary products.

To do this, you can target:

  • Products directly, by using their ASINs
  • Competitor or related products
  • Own products
  • Categories only
  • Categories with refinements like Brand, Price, Rating, Prime Shipping, etc.

Auto Targeting

With Auto Targeting, you don't need to worry about managing target options. Instead, you can let Amazon take care of it on your behalf using its internal logic.

At present, Amazon manages four types of Auto Targets:

  • Loose match
  • Close match
  • Complements
  • Substitutes

A note about the campaign-level setting: Auto-targeted campaigns have been supported in the Marin platform since 2019, but these four types of targeting options within them are now supported.

Types of targeting

Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns come in two types:

  • Manual Targeting - These types of campaigns can have groups containing keywords, product targets, or a mix of both (i.e. a few groups with keywords and a few groups with product targets). 
  • Auto Targeting - These types of campaigns and their associated groups have no keywords. Groups have four pre-defined Auto Targets, visible in the same grid as Product Targets. These include:
    • Close Match
    • Loose Match
    • Complements
    • Substitutes

Due to the nature of Auto Targeting campaigns, Marin will not bring in keywords associated with these campaigns. 

Platform support for Product Targeting And Auto Targeting

At the moment, Marin offers the following support for Product Targeting and Auto Targeting:

  • Linking
  • Manual Sync / Hard Sync
  • Nightly Automated Sync
  • Reporting
  • Bidding


In a future update, we will add support for creation and editing of targets within the MarinOne grid, via bulk, and multi-edit.

Viewing Amazon targets in the grid

Once enabled for your account, you can view your Amazon targets in the grid by navigating to Products in the main navigation and clicking Groups & Targets in the sub-menu. 




If you use them, this grid is also shared with Google and Microsoft product groups. To refine your view to show only Amazon targets, simply use the grid filters. 







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