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Managing Campaigns

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Dynamic Campaigns


With large, ever-changing product catalogs, it can be a challenge to effectively advertise for your entire product inventory. 

Building out custom, product-specific campaigns, keywords, creatives, and landing pages for thousands of products can be error-prone and time-consuming. As a result, many retailers use broad match terms, driving consumers to general pages instead of product-specific pages, missing out on valuable traffic and hurting click-through rates in the process. 

That's where Marin's Dynamic Campaigns can help. 


Dynamic Campaigns.PNG


Dynamic Campaigns

Dynamic Campaigns allow you to automate the process of generating and managing campaigns with specific and relevant long-tail keywords that accurately represent your product inventory. This allows you to optimize your spend more effectively and drive users directly to the products they're seeking.

Campaign Automation

Marin dynamically generates and manages campaigns, groups, keywords, URLs, and ad copy for your products in real time, leveraging structured data sources such as your product feed and site crawler data. 

Using the data fields that are available, you can create templates for defining campaign structure, keyword variations, and ad copy that will be generated as your merchandise changes. You can even create multiple keyword variations and apply custom rules in order to maintain campaign quality and relevance. 

Dynamically insert details into your creative

Keep your ad copy up-to-date and relevant as your products and pricing changes. When generating product- or category-level groups with Dynamic Campaigns, Marin automatically inserts variables such as product name, brand, and price into your ad, according to your specifications, to increase relevance and click through rate. 


Dynamic Campaigns Creative Settings.PNG


Manage ads to inventory

You can link your keyword status to your inventory levels in order to keep campaigns up-to-date with product inventory and avoid paying for unwanted clicks. You can even set custom inventory thresholds to pause keywords when you have limited inventory or delayed shipping dates. Marin is then able to re-activate the same keywords when items are restocked in order to take advantage of historical data and quality scores. 

Deep link users to relevant pages

When creating product- or SKU-level groups, Dynamic Campaigns automatically deep links ads to relevant pages, linking consumers directly to the relevant product or category page, which will save the user clicks on the path to conversion and increase the likelihood of purchase.

Bid to margin goals

Use Dynamic Campaigns alongside Marin's automated bidding to bid based on margin goals or SKU-level Return on Ad Spend targets for optimization at the product or category level. 

Next steps

To get started using Dynamic Campaigns, reach out to your platform representative or the Marin Software Customer Support team. 



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