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Marin Search & Social: June 8th 2018 Release Notes

Marin Search

Enhanced multi-editing with the Reduced Dimension filter

The Reduced Dimension filter is a handy tool which effectively speeds up loading and management of your campaigns by filtering out objects which haven't received at least one click recently.

In this release, we're making the Reduced Dimension filter even more configurable with full multi-edit support. When using the multi-edit bubble in the platform, you'll now see the option to apply the Reduced Dimension to all objects on all pages. This means you'll be able to make changes to all of your objects, or just those which are receiving clicks without leaving the multi-edit bubble. That's sure to save some time!

To learn more about the Reduced Dimension filter, check out our dedicated Support Center article


Marin Social

2-Second Continuous Video Views comes to Marin Social

2-Second Continuous Video Views is an all-new optimization option and billing event, and it's available now for all campaigns using the Video Views objective in Marin Social.

In a nutshell, this option allows you to optimize on users viewing your Facebook video for at least two seconds, rather than the more general Video Views / Impressions optimization option, which applies to users viewing at least ten seconds of the video. You can also choose to be billed based on impressions or on 2-second continuous video views. 



This optimization option is ideal if you publish lots of short-form Facebook ads and would like to track campaign performance more accurately for these shorter ads.

Want to learn more about 2-Second Continuous Video Views? Read our dedicated Support Center article now


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