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MarinOne, Marin Search, & Marin Social: July 12th 2019 Release Notes

Keyword-by-Device in MarinOne

What's new?

You can now see how your keywords are performing by device type in MarinOne.

Why is this important?

An increasing number of people are using tablets and mobile devices to browse the internet, and the ability to evaluate mobile ad effectiveness provides a lot of value for advertisers. By segmenting reports by device, we give our customers the tools they need to accurately measure the impact of their marketing across different devices, resulting in smarter campaign budget allocation.

Want to learn more about segmenting reports by device in MarinOne? See our dedicated article for additional information.

Landing Page View Optimization Goal in Marin Social

What's new?

Marin Social now enables its customers to optimize for Landing Page Views. Unlike Link Clicks, which measure the number of people who clicked on a link in your ad, Landing Page Views measure the number of users who land on your ad's destination URL after clicking a link in your ad.

Why is this important?

Optimizing for Landing Page Views is a way to improve the quality of the traffic your site receives as a result of your ads. This is especially important for mobile traffic, where accidental clicks on advertisements or links are most common. With Landing Page Views, your ad will be serving to those who are more likely to click through to your landing page, to learn more about your company's products or services.

See a full list of optimization goals in Marin Social to learn more.

Combining the FTP Directory for Marin Search and MarinOne report exports

What's new?

Our users can download MarinOne and Marin Search exported files from the same FTP exports directory.

Why is this important?

This feature enhancement adds support for MarinOne in the same FTP as existing reports, resulting in a familiarity of workflow for our current users, and the ability to retrieve pre-configured, custom reports from MarinOne.



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