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MarinOne & Marin Social: September 20th 2019 Release Notes

Safari ITP Impact Analysis Dashboard in MarinOne

What’s new?

Customers who have Tracker implemented can view their Safari ITP Impact Analysis Dashboard in MarinOne, which will calculate conversion losses on Safari. These reports show your attributed conversions by time of click, broken out by key browsers and Safari ITP versions, and will showcase a trend-line for the conversion lag associated with Safari ITP 2.1. 

pasted image 0.png

Why is this important?

Intelligent Tracking Prevention is Apple's initiative in the Safari browser (for both phones, tablets, and computers) that is intended to prevent advertisers and other technologies from tracking and collecting information about users. This means the loss of visibility of media channel performance on Safari, which has a market share approaching 50% on mobile devices. This tool will help address the reporting gaps exposed by Safari ITP, and we have a very well-versed team to help deploy a solution in as little as 6 weeks. 

Please note that the different solutions vary significantly in the level of technical difficulty and would be something for your web development team to evaluate. 

Next steps

Ready to enable this feature in your MarinOne application? Learn more about which insights you can gather from the ITP Impact Analysis Dashboard in our dedicated article, and reach out to your account representative today!

Social Bulk Upload: Editing in Marin Social

What’s new?

Customers can now edit their campaigns in bulk and at scale, saving them time and manual effort. We have also added the Store Visit ad type to the list of those that can be managed with our bulk sheet. 

pasted image 0 (1).png


Why is this important?

Most advertisers manage a large volume of campaigns, with varying creatives and performance objectives. A feature that enables you to edit campaigns in bulk increases your efficiency and lets you allocate more time to scaling and strategy.

Want to learn more about bulk campaign management in Marin Social? Read our dedicated article for more details!

Enhancements to Message Booster

What’s new?

Advertisers can now trigger boosts with the indication of 8 additional metrics:

  • Unique Clicks

  • Unique Click Through Rate (CTR %)

  • Likes

  • Unique Video Views

  • Unique Video Views Through Rate

  • Comments

  • Comments Engagement Rate

  • Likes Engagement Rate


In addition, advertisers can also add custom scheduling parameters to their boosts. This helps advertisers avoid wasted ad spend by re-allocating budget to peak times, when they are receiving more clicks and conversions. 

Why is this important?

Marin’s Message Booster automatically promotes organic posts with high engagement metrics as paid advertisements. With more high-engagement variables to choose from, as well as custom scheduling, you can ensure that every trending opportunity on social is being capitalized.

More information about Message Booster and how it works can be found here!


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