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Adding a Logo to White-Label Reports


PDF reports can be customized with a logo of your choice. The logo is client specific and will be incorporated in the reports header.

How to Add your Logo

To add your logo:

  1. Click Reports in the upper-right.
  2. Navigate to the Report Templates sub-tab.
  3. Click Choose File and browse for the chosen logo on your computer.
  4. Click the Submit button. The current logo will be uploaded into the Platform and displayed above the grid.

Any PDF report you create from now on will include the logo you have uploaded.

File Guidelines

The logo file can be PNG, JPG or GIF format.

For best results the file should be 130 x 60 pixels at 1000 dpi.

Removing an Uploaded Logo

While the Platform does not currently have any way of removing uploaded logos, you can instead upload a 1 x 1 white image pixel in place of the logo. This will effectively achieve the same objective.


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