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Marin Social: June 2015 Release Notes

Leverage facebook CPM bidding for link clicks and video views

Now you can leverage Facebook oCPM bidding to optimize for link clicks or video views. By selecting this bidding option, Facebook automatically delivers ads to most effectively drive link clicks or video views that happen as a result of your ad impressions. This support helps you to prioritize your marketing goals, maximize the value you get from your budget, and focus on driving the actions that matter most.

Quickly launch facebook ads on both android and iOS

Advertisers often want to promote their apps across both Android and iOS devices, yet this generally involves a time-consuming process of creating ads separately by operating system. With this release, you can simply select your target operating system and we will automatically update your ads to link to the correct app store. This eliminates the need to build out separate campaigns, and makes it faster and easier to launch ads promoting your mobile apps across all devices and operating systems.

Gain facebook performance insights by two new dimensions

We now support the ability to report on Facebook campaign performance along two new dimensions: call to action, and connection (including friends, and friends of friends). Reporting along these dimensions provides additional insights so you can see which audiences are performing best, and use that information to make smarter optimization decisions. Customers can access this information in the pivot table on the reporting dashboard.

Increase granularity with twitter age targeting

To help you better reach your intended audiences, we now support Twitter age targeting. This targeting option is available on the bulk creator page under demographics, and allows you to select one or multiple age groups for more granular and effective targeting.

Set up custom tracking specifications for sophisticated reporting

You can now add custom tracking specifications to record what actions are taken by users interacting with your ad. Trackable actions include event responses, offer claims, app installs, website conversions, and more. Custom tracking specifications can be added when creating or editing media plans, and can be used to determine which ads are generating the most desired actions. These insights are helpful for optimizing your overall programs to drive specific actions that are important to your business.

Japanese yen currency support for facebook

For better international coverage, we now support advertising from Facebook accounts with Japanese Yen currency settings.

Update to facebook campaign objectives

To align with Facebook, we have removed the option to run a campaign with advertising objective “none.” Moving forward, please select a specific branding, app, or direct response objective to help you meet your business goals.


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